Petrogonia is a family corporation, which founded in 1979. Initially, the purpose was mining natural slates from Pelion, the mythical mountain of Kentavros.

In 1991, the activity of the corporation was expanded at the process and the trade of these slates and other natural stones from various parts of Greece.

Today, our company is a fully integrated plant of mining, processing and trading of natural stones.

Petrogonia allocates quarries, that mine every day high quality and beauty slates, suitable for all kinds of configurations of external and internal spaces.

The fully equipped laboratory of stone processing, that is being constantly updated with new technology machines that offer innovative products, covers a total area of 10.000sq.m.

Our primary concern is the immediate response to our client’s demands and the built of comprehensive and lasting professional relationships with them.

Our products


Slate Kentavros is mylonite gneiss, in shades of grey-green, with the presence of schistosity and bedding.

The properties of the main elements of Kentavros slate make it a particularly hard rock, with extremely high flexural strength and resistance to frost, antislip and thermoinsulating ability.

KENTAVROS slates are been used for 8 centuries in the construction of houses, squares, pedestrian areas etc.The vivid colors of Kentavros slate, are exclusively due to the transformation (metamorphosis) of its components over the centuries!

Some applications of Kentavros slates today are floor coverings, interior and exterior wall coverings, traditional slate-covered roofs, stair slabs and stonehouses construction.


Red&Blue slate is a kind of marble and specifically ultra fine-grain Cipollino marble with schistolithic bedding.

The specific and unique characteristics of slate Red & Blue and it’s mineralogical composition, gives it exteriorly the color and texture of slate and internally the properties of marble, such us reduced water absorption, high flexural and compressive strength and wear resistance.

The colors of Red&Blue slate in shades of yellow-brown, are due to the increased presence of iron hydroxides at specific positions.

Some applications of Red&Blue slates today are floor coverings, interior and exterior wall coverings, stair slabs and stonehouses construction.


Multicolor slates are the result of the combination (mixing) of Kentavros and Red&Blue slates. The intense contrast of the colors of those two kinds of natural stones in combination with their mineralogical composition, provide an excellent aesthetic and qualitative result.

The applications of Multicolor products are wall and floor (cobbled streets) coverings.


Nefeli is a distinctive white natural stone, that many describe it as marble stone, because of physicochemical properties of its components. The various colors which are diffusible, can be combined successfully with other natural rocks such as slate, granite, sandstone, offering a unique result.

Its use is mainly in stone wall coverings and construction of stone houses.


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  • MARMOMACC 2012

    Our participation in the International Natural Stone Exhibition "MARMOMACC 2012" at Verona-Italy.

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  • STONE+TEC 2011

    Our participation in the International Natural Stone Exhibition "STONE+TEC 2011" at Nürnberg-Germany.

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